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A scientific organization with a specific purpose

EMl is an International scientific initiative started in I998 and established as a not-for-profit organization in the Philippines in 2004. Its mission is to advance urban risk reduction policy, knowledge, and practice in megacities and fast-growing metropolises. EMI is a member of the U.N. Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction and partner of the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR). As a scientific organization, EMI is endorsed by the International Geographical Union, International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, and the International Union of Geological Sciences.

Mainstreaming DRR In urbagovernance and development

In the context of a changing environment caused by climate, natural, and man-made hazards. EMI works with complex cities in mainstreaming DRR in their core functions and processes, with emphasis on:

  • Land use planning and urban re/development
  • Local-level disaster risk management
  • Disaster resiliency of essential services

Developing tools to support local DRM practice

EMI develops tools to facilitate the delivery, sharing, and adaptation of scientific and technical knowledge on urban DRR. EMI also offers training programs to enhance the competency of DRM practitioners worldwide.

Connecting cities through knowledge sharing mechanisms

EMI provides opportunities for DRM practitioners. researchers, donors, policymakers and local stakeholders to exchange and promote sound urban DRR practices. EMI also forges strategic partnerships with local government organizations to promote DRR. Undertake city-to-city sharing. and scale up Its own applications and experiences.

Global. regional and local agenda

EMI maintains on active network of 21 megacities and metropolises from the Americas, Asia, Euro-Mediterranean and Oceania, along with a network of research and academic Institutions, professional organizations, and local government organizations worldwide. While EMI operates globally, its strategies are designed for local implementation. EMI also advocates for the critical role of local governments in global and regional forums and in implementing the global agenda for DRR. such as the HFA and the Millennium Development Goals.

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